Global Design Travelogue

Gorden Wagener, Sindelfingen, photographed for Daimler AG.

Last year, over a period of a few months, I worked on a book called Global Design Travelogue. The book tells the story of the design and the designers that represent Mercedes from around the world. Commissioned by Car Design News and the brainchild of Gorden Wagener, CDO of Daimler AG, I spent time visiting design studios in Germany, Oregon and California. I photographed the people, the places, the machinery and the details. All this is now contained in a beautifully put together book. Here are a handful of the images from the book.

Robotics Lab, Daimler, Sindelfingen
Interiors Team, Daimler, Sindelfingen
Gorden Wageners office, Sindelfingen
Gorden Wagener, CDO of Daimler, photographed in Sunnyvale, California
Daimler team working on clay model, Sindelfingen
Gorden and his secretary, Sindelfingen
Gorden Wagener, Sunnyvale, California

Photography is more than a job for me, and my passion for the craft is as vibrant now as it was when I started this journey 25 years ago. Whether it is a single image or a series, my aim is to tell a story.

I am known, and commissioned, for my ability to shoot portraits, landscapes, travel and automotive. I have photographed business leaders, environmentalists, rock stars, actors, authors, sportsmen and women, Hells Angels and politicians all around the world.

Before a shoot, I do as much research as I can and seek to make the experience collaborative. I always prepare and go with a plan, but I also remain ready to respond to whatever happens on the day. Key to my approach is connecting with the subject, art department or client on the day.

I have travelled to nearly 70 countries for clients ranging from Jaguar, Volvo, Polestar, Land Rover, De Beers, Ocado and British Airways. My work has been published in Campaign, Shortlist, The Guardian, BA High Life, New York Times, Management Today, The Telegraph, One Life and the London Olympics Official Programme, to name a few. I also have had two photographic books published. Hells Angels Motorcycle Club and Rockin’ (The Rockabilly Scene). I have had my work exhibited in galleries in the UK, North America and Europe.


I work for a variety of clients in a variety of sectors, meeting the challenges that are thrown my way.

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