May 2013 Newsletter

Nick Hancock for The Guardian/Visit England. This is London Road Oatcakes, a popular food stop in Stoke, and a destination that Nick Hancock recommends in a feature for The Guardian and Visit England about his ten favourite places in Staffordshire. The oatcakes that I tried were filled with cheese and bacon and were delicious.

Nick Hancock for The Guardian

Jaguar XJ AWD, Badlands, South Dakota

Just published is the latest customer magazine from Jaguar. In January this year, I spent a week travelling around South Dakota and a little bit of Wyoming to shoot the new Jaguar XJ AWD. This image was taken in the Badlands, a haunting, beautiful place that I'm sure is reasonably busy in the warmer months, but was blissfully quiet when I was there. To see a few more shots from this amazing part of the USA, go to Work/Automotive and or Landscapes.

Jaguar XJ, Badlands, South Dakota