July News

July has been a really busy month, involving a great deal of travelling around the UK. Photographs from these commissions will appear in the next month or two, but in the meantime, here is some recently published work. I photographed Brie Rogers Lowery of change.org for Work Magazine and Rachel Riley for Stella Magazine. The poultry farmer is Charlie Keen, and I photographed her as well as nine other producers for a local company called Food Float who promote the idea of buying produce that has been grown locally.

Brie Rogers Lowery, UK Director of change.org for Work
Rachel Riley for Stella Magazine
Charlie Keen, Poultry Farmer

Snowdonia and a Subaru Outback

I was commissioned to shoot the new Subaru Outback (and caravan) recently, and duly travelled to Snowdonia to find a location that emphasised the agility and power of the car. Having spent a day hunting for a location I found this great spot almost by accident. The weather on the two days I was there was difficult and totally unpredictable, but with the help great team we got there in the end.

Subaru Outback, Snowdonia

Work in Progress........A Selection of Deserts

I have a fondness for deserts, and have been lucky enough to photograph a few over recent years. The calm and quiet appeal to me. The sand in the cameras less so. I am currently putting together a portfolio of desert landscapes. Here is an area adjacent to Lake Mead in Nevada. Only an hour or so away from the slightly busier Las Vegas.

Lake Mead, Nevada

May News

Here is Lemn Sissay, a poet and activist in animated fashion who I photographed for Shortlist, and the latest publication of Moments magazine that contains my portrait of winemaker Dermot Segure.

Lemn Sissay, Poet
Dermot Sugrue, Winemaker, Wiston Estate

Noel Gallagher for Shortlist Magazine

Shortlist Magazine commissioned me to photograph Noel Gallagher last month. Noel came to the Shortlist offices, so I had to create a studio setting, and also factor in a video shoot happening around the whole session. Mr Gallagher was charm itself, and even smiled for the camera on one occasion.

Noel Gallagher for Shortlist
Noel Gallagher, London

Ed Miliband for Shortlist Magazine

Shortlist Magazine commissioned me to photograph Ed Miliband this month. It involved a day trip on the train to Sheffield and back as well as a visit to Labour HQ for a portrait session. The whole experience was a small but rewarding insight into how a political machine operates in the run up to a general election. Ed was compliant up to a point, but really didn't embrace the experience. The word 'No' cropped up a fair bit when presented with ideas from the magazine and myself. I have talked to another photographer friend of mine who has also photographed him, and my experience wasn't unique. Having said all that, he seemed like a decent man. Please visit 'Portraits' to see another version of this portrait.

Ed Miliband for Shortlist
Ed Miliband for Shortlist

The World's Most Travelled Man

One Life Magazine sent me to Sweden to photograph Gunnar Mattsson, who has been to all 194 countries recognised by the UN. Apart from Gunnar, I photographed his family and in particular, Oscar his son. I also met and photographed Arnold Wernersson, Gunnar's travel buddy and co-founder of the 100 Club, created for those who have visited more than 100 countries. I spent quite a bit of time in the archipelago off the coast of Gothenburg and much of it on or in the water. Please have a look at my portraits album for more images.

The World's Most Travelled Man for One Life #1

The Descent

To launch the new Volvo V60, I was asked to go to Northern Spain, and in particular, the Pyrenees, to photograph three athletes who were to be involved with a mini movie of the car called 'The Descent'. Tom Oehler is regarded as one of the foremost Trial Riders, as is Jean Baptiste-Chandelier in his chosen vocation as a paraglider. Finally, there was Anton Krupicka, an Ultra Runner, whose event involves running 160km per race. All three showed what I guess is paramount when achieving the heights that they have, namely unrelenting passion and enthusiasm for their respective sports.

The Dorkinians

I began shooting this project almost a year ago. It came about as a result of a conversation with a friend about 'community'. In truth I had already been thinking about photographing some of the people in my town, so this conversation gave me some impetus. The montage you see here, which measures just over 6'x4' will eventually reside in the meeting room of a local business, but before that the work will hang in the Dorking Halls and then spend a month at the local museum. I have also created a dedicated website called The Dorkinians (Portrait of a Community) to show the portraits as well as a number of landscapes and still life images I have made, and an explanation of the concept to add some background to the portraits.

October News

Here is a link to my October Newsletter.

Volvo XC90 Launch Magazine

In December 2013 I was asked to fly to Los Angeles to photograph the reveal of the new Volvo XC90 to a group of Los Angelenos who participated in the development of the car. Then, early in 2014, I twice visited Gothenburg to photograph many of the designers and engineers who created the car. The resulting launch magazine was published at the end of August. To see more images please click on Work/Portraits/ or Work/Land & Sea.

Volvo XC90 Launch Magazine

Just Published in British Airways High Life Magazine

Earlier this year I spent a week in Qatar, the worlds richest country, for BA High Life. The brief was to find, interview and photograph storytellers, and to show something of the country they inhabit. The writer Matthew Teller and I spent quite a lot of time in the car, trying to navigate this tiny emirate, often stuck in traffic or waiting for some construction vehicle to do its work. Doha is still under construction. There are some extraordinary buildings going up, with Education City being the highlight for me. This building, designed by I.M.Pei was also a highlight. To see some more images from the shoot, click on the portraits and landscapes galleries.

Museum of Islamic Art, Doha, Qatar

Bryn Williams for The Guardian

The Guardian dispatched me to Odettes in Primrose Hill one morning this month to photograph Bryn Williams, the restaurants head chef and owner. The portraits and documentary images were to be included in a feature about Bryn's connection with Wales.

Bryn Williams, head chef & proprietor, Odettes #2

Jenny Duvalier for Work Magazine

I was commissioned to photograph Jenny, who is executive VP for people at ARM, for the first issue of Work, a magazine that talks to businesses about their most important component, people. The brief was for a simple but beautiful portrait that would be used as a full page. The magazine, which boasts very high production standards landed on my doorstep this morning, and the article used both these portraits, one on the opening spread and one on the turn.

Jennifer Duvalier for Work Magazine

Warren Weir for Forever Sports

A new magazine called Forever Sports sent me out to Jamaica to shadow Warren Weir for a weekend. Warren is a world class 200m sprinter who won bronze at the London Olympics and silver at the World Championships. He proved an interesting subject, and I found myself being filmed by his friends to a degree I've never experienced before. We watched a football match with him, went to the barbers with him, watched him race and spent Saturday night at a party he threw for his mum. And then spent Sunday trying to get his portrait for the cover and opening spread.

Warren Weir for Forever Sports

What is the collective noun for quite a large group of photographers?

Just published is a feature in the latest customer magazine from Jaguar. I was commissioned to travel from San Francisco to Los Angeles in the XFR-S, a drive that is possible in a day if you begin early enough. With that in mind, the first image was of the car travelling south over this world famous bridge. I had Saturday to reconnoiter the area around the bridge with a view to shooting at dawn on Sunday. The reasoning was that there would be very little traffic, and nobody at the spot I chose to shoot from. At about 5.30am on the Sunday, I arrived at the site to find a stream of people walking, laden with equipment, up the hill to the spot I'd settled on. There must have been at least 50 people there and I found myself vying for a suitable viewpoint amongst people resting cameras on bits of rock, to a guy shooting on 10 x 8 film. And, to top it all, the bridge was full of traffic heading into the city. If you look closely (this was shot for a DPS), you can see the Jaguar on the bridge.

Golden Gate Bridge

Pacific Coast Highway 1

Having spent a big chunk of December 2013 in Los Angeles, I found myself in California in January 2014, and specifically travelling between San Francisco and LA along PCH1 with Jaguar Magazine. We stopped off for lunch at Nepenthe in Big Sur, where we watched the odd whale swim by and as seen here, a Western Scrub Jay grab what they could. I'll be uploading more images from the shoot in due course.

James Denny for Bupa/The Guardian

I was asked by Bupa to go to the North West to meet and photograph James who was recovering from a mental disorder with the help of Bupa. James took me to an area near his home that he was very attached to, an area that he had used to help him recover. He told me much about what he had been through, in an eloquent and conversational manner that really drove home what a terrible thing metal illness can be. I wanted to show, in some small way, how he had been inspired by nature to come through his troubled times.

James Denny, Wirral Marshes for The Guardian

The Joy of Mackerel Fishing....

....is that sometimes you can just watch the dolphins.

Newsletter #47 September 2013

I hope you all enjoyed a particularly fine English summer this year. Over the holiday period I created this new website which is responsive to all devices. Whilst putting the site together, I took the opportunity to reduce the number of images and categories that appeared on the old website. As a result, the new site is easier to navigate and more importantly the images are bigger. If you have a few minutes, please have a look around it.

One of the first new images to grace the site is the B&W portrait of Evie.

In July I went to Gaydon to photograph the paint being applied to the Jaguar Project 7 F-Type, a one-off car that was being sent to The Goodwood Festival of Speed. Painting a car is a fairly complex and time consuming business, with several layers of colour applied before the final coat. I took many images from inside and outside the painting booth and these two gentlemen were happy to help. The shots were to be included in a magazine that Jaguar produced for the festival.

Also in July, People Management Magazine asked me to photograph Steve Varley at the UK headquarters of Ernst & Young in London.

Of the photographs I made on my summer break, the B&W landscape is one of my favourites. It's adjacent to Barricane Beach, near Woolacombe Bay in North Devon.