August/September 2017 News

During the summer, Aramco World Magazine commissioned me to cover the bi-annual Shubbak Festival, which happens over a two week period in London and celebrates contemporary Arab culture. I visited a number of locations and met a variety of very talented musicians from the Middle East and North Africa. Here is Tarek Yamani, a composer and pianist who I photographed in Russell Square.

Tarek Yamani, Musician, for Aramco World Magazine

I recently visited Northern Ireland to photograph the new Land Rover Discovery Sport and the UK's leading female surfer, Lucy Campbell. Land Rover had commissioned Skunkworks, who are based in Coleraine, to make a surfboard from the fibre glass that is used in prototypes as part of the design process. Then Lucy took a Discovery Sport to Benone Beach and tested the board.

Lucy Campbell for Land Rover
Land Rover Discovery Sport, Benone Beach, Northern Ireland
Surfboard maker 'Rosy' for Landrover

De Beers commissioned me to photograph some of their staff members in a way that illustrates their hobbies and passions for their 'Brilliance Has Many Facets' campaign. Here is Guy Eaglesfield, who, when not being a digital marketing manager, tends to his bees.

Guy Eaglesfeld for De Beers 'Brilliance Has Many Facets' campaign