What is the collective noun for quite a large group of photographers?

Just published is a feature in the latest customer magazine from Jaguar. I was commissioned to travel from San Francisco to Los Angeles in the XFR-S, a drive that is possible in a day if you begin early enough. With that in mind, the first image was of the car travelling south over this world famous bridge. I had Saturday to reconnoiter the area around the bridge with a view to shooting at dawn on Sunday. The reasoning was that there would be very little traffic, and nobody at the spot I chose to shoot from. At about 5.30am on the Sunday, I arrived at the site to find a stream of people walking, laden with equipment, up the hill to the spot I'd settled on. There must have been at least 50 people there and I found myself vying for a suitable viewpoint amongst people resting cameras on bits of rock, to a guy shooting on 10 x 8 film. And, to top it all, the bridge was full of traffic heading into the city. If you look closely (this was shot for a DPS), you can see the Jaguar on the bridge.

Golden Gate Bridge