July 2013 Newsletter

At the end of April, I was commissioned by British Airways High Life to photograph Bradley Wiggins on a training day in Italy, in preparation for his attempt at the Giro d'Italia. He was looking at, and riding, a time trial section that he had not seen before and the 19km section was virtually all uphill, which gave me the opportunity to hang out the back of a car and get some action shots of Bradley on his beautiful Pinarello. The previous evening, having completed his interview, I talked with him about what I needed from the following mornings photography session and in particular I asked if it was possible to shoot a portrait of him at the end of his practice ride. I felt that there might be an opportunity to get a good shot of him, given that he would have just ridden his bicycle nearly 20km uphill. I had inspected the route and the final location earlier in bright sunshine, but on the day the murk had rolled in and added a grittiness to the scene. Bradley actually got to the top a bit ahead of me, and when I got there he let me photograph him, before disappearing into the mist. The portrait made the cover of this months High Life Magazine. Go to Work/Recently Published or Portraits to see a few more images.

Bradley Wiggins, Polsa, Italy